BASINGSTOKE Carnival is remembered fondly by many people. 

It ran for nearly 60 years every summer from the 1930s up until the last one in 1994.

My carnival era was the 1980s.  I’d be there on the first Saturday looking out for the famous face who would perform the official opening. These included Phillip Schofield, Rod Hull, Roy Castle and Worzel Gummidge.

The Thursday evening of carnival week was the huge procession around the town and into the Memorial Park. My mum worked at the clothing store C&A, and I recall being dressed up as a Disney character on the back of a lorry!

Awards were given for the best floats.

For many years the carnival’s success was down to one man: Brian Dearling.

He oversaw many carnivals as the chairman and his was also the voice you heard booming around the arena introducing various events.

Last month he celebrated his 90th birthday.  When I mentioned his birthday on Basingstoke Memories, it provoked an overwhelming amount of love and best wishes for him.

I know many will echo my sentiments when I say thank you Brian for some amazing childhood memories.