THE mascot of a charity cause has gone missing.

Fundraisers behind the organisation of Ark Day have reported that their beloved mascot MoneyPenny has been stolen.

In the last few weeks, the pig has made a number of appearances at a number of different events around Basingstoke and Deane.

However, organisers work up this morning (April 1) to find that MoneyPenny had disappeared with a note left using old Gazette cut outs which read: “We’ve got your pig.”

Director of fundraising and communications at the Ark Cancer Centre Charity, the cause Ark Day is raising funds for, Mark Jones told The Gazette he could not believe she was gone.

He said: “I will be the first to admit that MoneyPenny can get up to some mischief, but why would anyone want to kidnap her?

“She wouldn’t lay a hoof on anyone. Please if you have her give her back unharmed.”

Mr Jones added: “The sinister note makes me think that MoneyPenny has made an enemy somewhere.”

Police are currently looking into clues as to the person who may have left the note and know as to MoneyPenny’s whereabouts.

PC Aaron Boar said: “We are appealing to anyone who may have seen, heard or smelt anything suspicious to contact the police.”

Superintendent Maria Saddleback added: “We just want to see MoneyPenny’s safe return ahead of Ark Day on June 21.”