A WOMAN has been living with a leak in a flat in Basingstoke for over two years.

Kerrie Morris, who lives in Verum House, New Street, noticed that shortly after moving in in February 2017 that there was a leak just above one of the windows, stemming from gutting set inside the cavity.

The building had not long been developed into housing before Kerrie bought her flat, and it was only a week or so afterwards that while watching TV, Kerrie first heard the dripping.

Kerrie said: "I went to go and see what was going on when I saw that there was water dripping in from the wall.

"I phoned the developer and the service company to try and get it sorted, and it was found that it was due to a build-up in the gutter."

What was required was that the gutters would need to be cleaned every three months, to prevent this from happening.

However, although the solution worked temporarily, the problem returned after only a couple of weeks, leading to Kerrie having to have her own independent inspection commissioned.

The report discovered that the guttering was was clear and that due to moss build-up, there had been some water ingress. Also, the guttering joints were found to be leaking.

Kerrie added: "When I bring it up, they claim that it is an 'existing issue', which no one will fix. It feels like they are washing their hands of it.

"It feels like no one is willing to help, and I just want it fixed. I feel like I am in a really tricky position, and no one I have been in contact with has been able to help and it feels awful.

"Every day, it feels like the value on the place is going down, and it would be unfair to cover this up and sell it.

"I don't know what to do and I just really want it fixed."

Developer Equity Real Estate Developments did not respond to a request for comment.