“ARE you ready to come on a Henry James journey?”

This was the question posed to Janey Dibley to play the role of the governess in the stage adaptation of Turn of the Screw.

Unfamiliar with the material, the actress was intrigued by its pure scope and had to say yes.

“It has this gothic beautiful language which just got me into it.” Dibley told the Gazette.

“It’s big and feels operatic. Just reading it I realised how rare an occasion it was for me to get a script like that, so I had to take it.”

For Dibley, known for her rolls in Doctors, EastEnders and The Two of Us, this is a new challenge.

Turn of the Screw is an adaptation of adaptation of James’ horror novella, which was the inspiration for Susan Hill’s well-known work, The Woman in Black.

Based in 1840, it follows a young governess who agrees to look after two orphaned children at Bly, a seemingly idyllic country house.

But shortly after her arrival, she realises that they are not alone.

Years later, confronted by the past she is compelled to account for what actually happened to her and the innocents under her protection.

Not being a fan of the original material has meant that the actor has been able to fully immerse herself into the role.

She added: “I had heard of the movie, but I never read the novella or the play, and I like that I hadn’t heard of it because it means that I am forever learning.

“I haven’t done a costume drama for a while and just the thought of the corset is making me a bit scared, but it is just the vastness of this which I am looking forward to.

“It is daunting how the costume and the restriction that carries, will change the scenes and the environments we are in, but I am really looking forward to it as it all just adds to the physical feel of the piece.”

Tim Luscombe’s adaptation of the Henry James’ text will be performed at the Haymarket from April 2 to April 6.

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