PRO-EUROPEAN campaigners from Basingstoke were amongst the throngs of people who took part in one of the largest protests in UK history over the weekend.

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through central London on Saturday, calling for any Brexit deal be 'put to the people' in another public vote.

Included in that number were members from North Hampshire for Europe – a non-political pro-EU organisation that covers the three constituencies of North East Hampshire, North West Hampshire and Basingstoke.

Jonathan Buisson, chair of North Hampshire for Europe, said: “We had nearly three times as many people coming from Basingstoke, Andover, Hook, Fleet and surrounding areas than we did for the previous march held in October [last year].

“Staff from Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital were also there as part of a big NHS vs Brexit contingent.”

Many thousands of locals have also signed the petition calling for Article 50 to be revoked and Brexit stopped immediately.

Jonathan added: “The growth in the Parliamentary petition on revoking Article 50 has been phenomenal, garnering over five million signatures in less than a week.

“Our local MPs should take note that more than 8,000 people in each of their constituencies have already signed.

“Are they really so sure that they can rely on an advisory referendum that’s nearly three years old?"

*This story was amended on March 26 after Full Fact, a factfinding charity, estimated the crowd at the march to be somewhere between 312,000 and 400,000 people. People’s Vote has claimed the total to be around 1,000,000.