THE date has been set for the Grand Prix of Cheeses

The Hampshire Vs Campania event came about after Jody Scheckter, from Laverstoke Park Farm, was challenged by the consortium of Buffalo Mozzarella producers in Campania, Italy, after he claimed to make mozzarella as good as the Italians.

Ex-Formula One world champion Mr Scheckter will travel with his own Hampshire Buffalo Mozzarella to Campania, the home of Italian Buffalo Mozzarella, tomorrow (Tuesday) for a blind taste test at the hands of a collection of Italian chefs and experts.

This Grand Prix of Cheese takes place within the anniversary year of Mr Scheckter’s F1 World Championship win for Ferrari.

The farm hosted chefs and experts on Thursday for a blind tasting of mozzarella. Guests tasted five different cheeses, four from Italy and one from Laverstoke Park with the latter drawing for first place.

The farmer said: “When the mozzarella makers in Campania challenged us to see who really makes the best cheese, I couldn’t resist showing them just how good our Hampshire mozzarella really is. We have great pride in our product and for good reason.”

Mr Scheckter added: “I am satisfied with today’s result. We have come out on top over three varieties of Italian mozzarella and come level with one.

“Over the next week or so we are going to focus on the best way to transport our mozzarella so that it arrives with us in Italy in the best condition. Today has reinforced my belief that our mozzarella really is outstanding.”