THE term greedy with power that has become commonly used when we see someone exploiting their position.

But with every rise to the top, there is the inevitable crash back down to earth, and that is the tale told in Proteus Theatre Company’s reimagining of Macbeth.

Set to the backdrop of London in 1987, this rendition of Shakespeare’s writing does not shy away from the struggles and violent plot of the original text, rather it brings a new perspective on the tale.

Right from the opening scene – situated at the heart of London’s stock market – there is a slickness to director Mary Swan’s vision and there is a sense of “this feels cool” when watching the five actors on stage.

The use of music from the 80s enhances the spectacle and really roots the audience in the era in which it is set.

With the dialogue staying true to Shakespeare’s text, it is down to the cast of Riz Meedin (Macbeth), Alexandra Afryea (Lady Macbeth), Danny Charles (Duncan / Macduff), Jessica Andrade (Malcolm / Lady Macduff) and Umar Butt (Banquo) to give it new life.

Even if you are not the biggest Shakespeare fan, the performances from the quintet make the narrative easy to follow.

Afryea’s opening monologue as Lady Macbeth is powerful and bone-chilling, Charles delivers a cool performance as the all-powerful Duncan and Andrade shows her flexibility switching between roles and accents seamlessly.

But it is the scene following Banquo’s death where all five have their time to shine with Meedin and Butt at its heart.

Even though Shakespeare may not be for everyone, Proteus has created a play where you get lost in the story and not bogged down in the text.

Macbeth will be performed at the Haymarket again today (March 15) at 2pm and 7.30pm.

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