HELPING Dogs UK is looking for some foster carers to join the team in Hampshire and surrounding areas.

The role can be for dogs or cats, whichever you prefer.

Becoming a foster carer means you are providing support in caring for abandoned and unwanted animals who really need that second chance with a new family. 

Fostering is so important to Helping Dogs UK as the charity gets to see how its dogs behave in a domestic environment so it can find them the right new homes.

Many of the charity's dogs have never lived in a home environment so the fosterer must be patient and provide all the basic training to help guide the dog in the right direction.

Helping Dogs UK will try to match a suitable dog for your household, and once the dog is settled and has started basic training, you will be able to help us with finding a new forever home. This includes advertising and showing your foster dog to potential adopters.

By fostering a dog or a cat you are saving a life - many of these animals would not stand a chance if it wasn't for the rescue bringing them to safety and our dedicated fosterers taking them under their wing.

Ideally the charity would like foster applicants to have some experience with dogs and an understanding that sometimes it can be hard work but also very rewarding. This ensures there are opportunities to help older animals who need taking care of the most.

Get in touch if you would like more information or to apply and arrange a home check.

If you are not in a position to adopt or foster an animal, consider a donation to the rescue which will help towards vet fees and to save more precious lives.

Bank details can be found at

For more information email or call 07756556408.