A MOTHER of twins said that staff at a supermarket were “dismissive” and “uninterested” when she was unable to find a suitable trolley for her children.

Ingrid Hatt, from Overton, was visiting the new Aldi store at the St Michael’s Retail park on Friday last week with her 18-month-old twins.

When Ms Hatt searched for a double seater trolley for her children to sit in, she was unable to find any at the site and asked staff for assistance in finding one.

However, following the request, the mother claimed she was met with a reply of “we don’t have any more”.

Ms Hatt told The Gazette: “When I questioned staff as to why there weren’t more double seated trolleys they just seemed uninterested in my issue.

“If this was someone with a disability it would have been a different issue, but when I said to the management that I can’t leave my children in the car while I shop, their reaction was ‘OK sorry’, which just is not good enough.

“I enjoy shopping and the kids like to come around with me as it stimulates them, but on this occasion, I felt discriminated against for having twins.”

Ms Hatt said she even requested that staff get the nappies that she wished to purchase for her children, but she said they could not help her.

She added: “I’ve been to other supermarkets and never had this issue.

“I was looking to start using this store for my weekly shop as I come into Basingstoke for classes with the kids but following this experience it has really put me off.”

Since Ms Hatt’s visit Aldi has said that more double seated trolleys have been ordered for the Brighton Hill store.

A spokesperson from Aldi said: “Unfortunately our twin trolleys were all in use in the store on this particular day, but we have ordered more which will be in store soon.”

The spokesperson added: “We have apologised to the customer for her experience, and have reminded all colleagues of how to help customers with this.”