A WOMAN often mistaken for Carol Vorderman will be making sure everything adds up for Red Nose Day at a Basingstoke company.

As part of the the annual fundraiser being held tomorrow, WSP UK, an engineering consulting firm in Basing View, will be hosting a day of fun for its employees to raise money for the cause.

To make proceedings more interesting, WSP UK employee Angela Sawyer will be giving the event a little star power- by indulging in her part-time side work of being a Carol Vorderman lookalike.

Angela said: “We’ve been trying to raise the publicity of the event and someone asked me to come as Carol to host the raffle and to host some of the activities. As I did a bit of part-time work on the side, I thought I would join in.”

Angela has been doing the lookalike side work for nine months.

As well as hosting the raffle in Vorderman-style apparel, Angela will be taking photos and hosting other events more traditional of a charity fundraiser, such as guessing the amount of coppers in a jar, working out whose baby pictures are whose, and cake sales, among other activities.

It has been a strange journey for Angela as she was frequently mistaken for the TV math-magician.

Angela added: “People kept coming up to me and asking if I was Carol, and have been doing so for a while.

“It was really strange to start with, but now that I have done it a bit more and a few more events, I’m used to it.

“People sometimes ask me maths questions and it does help that I work in accounts.”

“It started building up and I eventually started doing events if people asked me before an agency picked me up.”

Angela Tweeted about the event, and copied in the former Countdown star, not expecting a response, but was shocked to discover that she had Tweeted back.

Angela said: “It was really bizarre, I didn’t expect a reply at all, but I ended up having a small conversation with her online. She was really down to earth and said she wanted to see photos of me on the day.”

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