ON SATURDAY, 2 March, the GCSE English Year 10s and 11s at Everest were taken to Southampton to see the Mayflower’s production of Macbeth.

The aim of the trip was to further the students' understanding of the text and  enhance their chances of achieving a high grade in English literature. The play was set in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian era where gender equality and all sense of morality was absent.

 All students arrived for 12.15pm for registration to leave the school at 12.30pm. Unfortunately, we ended up leaving at 12.40pm due to the coach being late but we still made it in time.

The show started at 2.05 pm and finished at 4.45pm. We were given our tickets to go in the theatre and directed to where our seats were. We made sure all snacks were opened before it started so there was no rustling!

The performers were brilliant and there was not one moment where we couldn’t hear them and they clearly knew what they were doing. Everyone had a great time and amazing experience.

Hopefully, we will go again and that the trip will help both our Year 11s and 10s in upcoming exams. We are looking forward to the Inspector Calls trip!

By Courtney Little and Henry Welldon