FOR six decades, the Silchester Village Magazine has provided residents with news, events and happenings from around the parish.

To celebrate the anniversary, 100 villagers attended a celebration of 60 years of the monthly publication at the Village Hall on Saturday.

At the celebrations there was a display of the magazine’s history, from the first edition published, right up until the current issue.

Guests could read reports from the different organisations, about winning the South of England Village of the Year in 2009, about Princess Anne landing on the Common by helicopter to visit Early Lands in 2004 and even a very puritanical article on ‘how to bring up your children’ written in 1961.

Nancy Jones, who has had a long association with the magazine, gave a talk about its life and gave an insight into how it has developed and grown over the years.

She also thanked all the volunteers who work behind the scenes every month to make sure that it is distributed on time, especially the editors, Claire and John Richardson, and the team of printers, collators and distributors.

After her talk, Reverend Rob Young made a presentation to Nancy and Marsden Jones of two engraved goblets in recognition of their long service to Silchester in producing the magazine for the past 35 years.

There was also a special 60th birthday cake with a miniature copy of the magazine on top.

All those in attendance were invited to enjoy a cup of tea and reminisce about the village’s history. As the event drew to a close, organisers were amazed to find there was a copy of the Silchester Magazine which was dated May 1901, which would make the magazine 118-years-old at least.

Nancy and editors Claire and John are now trying to find more details to determine the full history of the magazine.

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