THE maths behind music, a tour of the universe and time travel will be explored at a special event at Basingstoke Discovery Centre on Thursday, 14 March.

From 6.30pm, there will be a series of talks with entry £5 per session or £8 to go to two events.

At 6.30pm, maths-comedian Kyle D Evans will present Born to Sum – a Mathematician Explains the Pop Charts where the maths reference in classic songs will be revealed.

The Electric Universe, a unique and controversial talk on astronomy by artist Paul Malone starts at 7pm.

At 7.30pm, neuroscientist Dr Mark Dallas will present Brain Glue – Sticking it to Dementia, a talk on how the glue in our heads could be critical to fighting dementia.

Finally, from 8.30pm, it will be The Theory of Relativity, a talk by Emma Osborne, an astrophysicist and multi-award winning science communicator.

Advance booking is recommended.

Tickets are available from Basingstoke Discovery Centre, the booking line on 01256 478670 or online at