A TEENAGER with disabilities is being given the gift of an accessible garden this week thanks to a team of volunteers, two charities and a business.

National children’s charity WellChild has joined forces with Helping Hands and a 15-strong team of volunteers from Basing View insurance company Unum to renovate the garden of the Bramble family’s home in Novello Close, Brighton Hill.

Summer Bramble, 14, has cerebral palsy and is a full-time wheelchair user. She also has learning difficulties and has limited mobility and independence.

After applying to WellChild for one of its garden makeovers, Summer’s mother Sam soon heard theirs was going to be one of the charity’s next projects.

Sam said: “After I had found out about them, I thought I’d apply, and I was really happy when they said could come and make the garden more accessible.”

Before the team of volunteers arrived to clear the area on Tuesday, most of the garden was inaccessible to Summer. She could not reach the grassy area as the ground was overgrown and uneven so she was unable to take part in family activities such as barbecues or gardening activities.

Sam added: “She likes to be outside and always wanted to come and join in but couldn’t because of the uneven ground.

“She really likes to be outside when it is sunny, and she’ll be able to do that more now. It’s really exciting to see what it will look like when it is finished.

“She’ll be able to get out there and do normal stuff without being left out, she’ll be able to plant flowers in the high-rise flower beds and can sit in a safe area that’s outside.”

Work was due to conclude on Wednesday.

The project was organised and overseen by head of the Helping Hands project Lorna Pedersen.

Lorna said: “It was really rough and uneven in the garden, with weeds everywhere and we know Summer is a full-time wheelchair user who would have no way to access the garden, so we straight away knew the issue.

“We’ve sorted out plans for a ramp, with an area of artificial grass and raised flower beds, so it will be low maintenance.

“It’s massively important for development to spend time outside and this will help.

“Unum have helped us before, part-funding projects, but this is the first time that they have funded and volunteered on the same project, which is a great step forward in our relationship.”

Information and support specialist at Unum, Francesca Kebby, said: “This was a great opportunity to get out and help locally, we’ve been supporting them for the past three years.

“It is really good to get out and make a difference in someone’s life.”