A NIGHTCLUB in Basingstoke is taking action after its staff were seen to be involved in online groups making fun of club patrons.

Fever and Boutique, in Winchester Street, has said that it is ‘investigating’ after images surfaced online which showed members of group messages using rude language to describe nightclub attendees.

The Gazette has seen images which appear to be screenshots of group conversations via text messaging services between staff members and others, where rude comments have been made over photographs of people in the club.

One image showed one of the group members referring to a female club-goer as a ‘gremlin’ and other images show members of the conversation making comments on the appearances of other club-goers, using rude language.

The messages on social media have been described by online users as ‘vile’ and ‘scandalous.’

A spokesperson from Fever Basingstoke said: “We have been made aware of a Facebook page which involved staff members as well as non-staff members.

“This was not an official or endorsed page from the club and we have asked those staff members to remove themselves from the page immediately.

“We are fully investigating the content of the page and will take the necessary action required.”