THROUGH a few acts of collaboration, a day of activities has been launched to help people suffering from memory loss in Basingstoke.

Taking place every two months, Ann Fryer will be hosting a group of nine members of the Memory Club that gathers in Viables every Friday.

A member of Basingstoke Deane Rotary Club, Ann arranged for the members to come and visit her home over in Frensham.

Ann said: “Last year, I was thinking about how many people in Basingstoke suffer from memory loss or dementia and couldn’t afford hospice care or anything similar.

“It then occurred to me that they wouldn’t be able to get out as much as they might want to.

“I decided to make use of my house and invite them round.”

Ann’s house features a four-acre garden, a pond and a large dining room.

Ann added: “There is a beautiful garden which they will be able to walk around in the peace and quiet. They can also enjoy the pond that is there as well.

“I’ll be providing the group with sandwiches, a cup of tea, and other snacks as they take in the day.

“Another of the planned activities is to play what are known as memory lane CDs, which contain hits from the 1950s onwards, and it makes a real difference for them to hear it.”

The new gathering has been organised with the help of the Memory Club as well as Basingstoke Deane Rotary Club, of which Ann is a member.

The club will be paying the £100 for the Dial-A-Ride transport that the group members will be taking to the house.

Ann said: “It is very good of the Rotary club to agree to help us out in this way, providing free transportation to the venue.

“They will pick them up from Viables and bring them all the way here. When I suggested the idea, they thought it was fabulous and voted to put the idea forward.

“I’ve always wanted to help out and I’ve taken part in helping the Rotary cook dinners for the homeless at Christmas.

“So many people in the area can’t afford respite care, and I wanted to help in some way.”

The former Mapledurwell resident added: “It is a lovely environment and I am excited to welcome them into my home. I am really looking forward to it.

“It will be a good day out for them and a chance for their families to take some time off.”

The group’s first meeting will be taking place tomorrow (Friday).