THE year is 2030. New York City is populated by the undead, and it appears they have now travelled to Basingstoke.

Since 2004, Vampires Rock has blended the world of rock and roll, and musical theatre together following the story of Baron Von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die Club, as he searches for his vampire bride.

Now, the show will come to the Anvil with X Factor winner Sam Bailey taking on the role of the Vampire Queen.

Having previously been played by Toyah Willcox, who performed more that 200 shows, the singer has quite the act to follow.

She said: “Yes big shoes to fill. I love Toyah, she is such a great entertainer and personality. I’m loving the show Steve (Steinman) puts on, it’s the most incredible productions for a touring one night show.

“The stage set and cast are the best in the country for sure and the live band on stage, well what can I say but ladies you will love the band and they don’t play too bad either.”

She added: “It took some getting used to singing and talking with the fangs but I think I’ve mastered it now.”

Creator of the show and Baron Von Rockula himself, Steve Steinman, said he was instantly drawn to Bailey after hearing her on the ITV singing contest.

He said: “I had seen Sam on the X Factor and thought her voice was incredible and she would be great as the queen. So, I picked up the phone and the rest is history.”

Throwing just the right amount of fun and humour into his scripts, Steinman always has the audience roaring with laughter and wanting more.

Now 15 years later after its first outing, the show still performs to sell-out audiences across the country and to return customers.

Steinman added: “I don’t think anyone could have foreseen this.

“It took on a life of its own and considering the show hasn’t come from a movie or uses anyone’s name to sell the show, other than its own title, I’m very proud of this fact.

“As long as the fans want to see the show I will keep producing it and keeping it fresh for the next generation of fans to enjoy it.”

Some fans have even gone so far as to get the Baron’s likeness tattooed on themselves.

“I think the imagery of the show is so great they just love it so much they get in put on them for life. I guess it’s a compliment and we love to see the fans getting into the show to that extent,” added the show’s creator.

The tongue-in-cheek story will feature songs from Queen, AC/DC, Meat Loaf, Journey, Guns 'N’ Roses and many more.

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