ARGUABLY one of Shakespeare’s most famous works, Macbeth has had numerous different iterations down the years.

Now the Proteus Theatre Company has put its own spin on the story of ambition and power by placing the audience right in the middle of a trading floor during a stock market crash.

Set in London during the 1987 market crash which reverberated across the world, Proteus’ Macbeth is suffused with decadence and aggression as a tormented soul finds the noose of bravado begin to tighten.

Exploring the pressures of race, class and identity, sudden betrayal and even more sudden violence will shake a society to its core in this incarnation of the Scottish Play.

The entirely ethnically diverse cast have worked closely with Theatre Ad Infinitum’s George Mann to create a highly physical, major new interpretation of a classic.

It is directed by Mary Swan, the artistic director of Proteus.

Set to the soundtrack of the 1980s, the show interrogates how Thatcher’s government legitimised behemoth corporations to act above the law.

Riz Meedin, who has appeared in The Bill, The Fifth Element and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will play Macbeth, and he will be joined by Alexandra Afryea, Danny Charles, Jessica Andrade and Umar Butt.

Director Mary said: “To create an exciting and contemporary physical production that speaks to audiences today, we have set the play in 1987 to discuss, through the prism of history, how Thatcher’s Britain and Reaganomics created our modern political and economic landscape.

“With a cast that is seldom seen in major Shakespearean roles, we seek to highlight the lack of diversity in classical theatre and create theatre accessible to young people.”

The show will be running at the Haymarket theatre on March 14 and 15, with performances at 2pm and 7.30pm.

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