A BASINGSTOKE water supplier is making a splash by expanding its brand into another country.

Spotless Water, based on the Houndmills Industrial Estate, has launched its new water supplier service for window cleaners, car valeting businesses and even tropical fish owners, in Wales.

Flintshire Storage Park will hold a Spotless Water big, blue box that weighs 12 tons and contains 10,000 litres of pure water which it dispenses through a self-service system similar to a petrol pump.

The pure water concept is the brainchild of Spotless Water managing director Tim Morris and arose out of his own window-cleaning and car-valeting business because pure water means no streaks on glass.

The valeting service benefited from the pure water which made it 27 per cent more efficient but keeping them topped up was a problem.

Mr Morris said: “We had a number of vans travelling around London and running out of pure water and we thought how ideal it would be for there to be filling stations around the city so running out of water would never be a problem.”

Spotless Water currently has 30 sites operational but plan to roll out to 450 locations over the next three years. Storage parks with secure premises with 24-hour access allied to water and electrical supplies have proved ideal.

Each water dispenser has 26 internal sensors which measure purity, tank levels and filter lifespan for maintenance.