CORPORATE volunteering (also called employee volunteering) is a really simple and effective way for businesses to contribute to the community.

Companies give their employees an allowance of paid time off annually to undertake volunteering within the community.

Research shows that volunteering helps staff develop leadership, decision-making and negotiation skills.

You’ll be surprised at the impact a single volunteering day can have on your employees, your business and your local community.

At Basingstoke Voluntary Action we are always looking for opportunities to provide worthwhile volunteering prospects and there are a vast range of roles to volunteer for within the borough.

One of the challenges we often face at Basingstoke Voluntary Action is providing short term, short notice community based volunteering opportunities for larger groups of volunteers from local businesses, and in working hours.

We currently have several corporate teams eager to benefit a local cause and want to hear from our members about how to match people with projects.

Are you a school, community group or conservation group? Do you have a need for a team of volunteers?

The Volunteer Centre needs team projects, such as gardening days, decorating days, fundraising events or litter picks, where local voluntary and community organisations need short-term help from a group of people.

Whether you are a local business with a group of employees looking to make a difference in the community, or a group needing support, contact us at to discuss employee volunteering.

For individual volunteer enquiries, whether you have a vacancy or want to help out locally, email or go to