A NEW virtual reality experience has come to Basingstoke and is the only one in the south of the country.

Paraflight VR is the latest addition at the iFly centre in Basingstoke Leisure Park and gives the user a dynamic experience of gliding through mountain tops.

The technology has been produced by Frontgrid, which brands itself as experts in adventure leisure and virtual reality attractions.

This new feature at the iFly centre is only one of two that are based in the UK, with the other based in The Bear Grylls Adventure in Birmingham.

Flyers can experience the sensation of controlling a paraglider as they soar through the skies, with a feel of the breeze against one’s face and the sounds of nature ringing in one’s ear making it a fully immersive experience.

To add to the fun element, Frontgrid have introduced an element of competition within it as guests are challenged to fly through virtual rings to rack up points.

Speaking at the launch event on Monday, Frontgrid chairman and co-founder of Paraflight VR, David Wood, said: “There are people who just want to glide along and take in the scenery.

“But we have found by introducing the game element it creates a bit of friendly competition among friends and family as they want to one up each other.”

Chief executive at Frontgrind and fellow co-founder Matt Wells added: “This experience gives people the sensation of flying without the cost and risk of jumping out of a plane.

“It gives people using it a sense of speed which is created as jets blow air into the face of the rider.

“We have had members of the Red Devils parachute team come down and try it and they have said it is very realistic, and a number of them were trying to outdo each other in the scoring.”

The Paraflight VR is suitable for anyone over 1.3m tall, with each ride lasting two minutes.

To find out more or to book your flight visit iflyworld.co.uk/all-new-paraflight-virtual-reality-experience.