HAVING captured the hearts of a nation with his feet, AJ Prichard is to go around the country meeting his fans.

The Strictly Come Dancing star has produced and choreographed his debut show, Get on The Floor!, which will come to Basingstoke on March 10.

Fusing a range of different styles combined with an outstanding musical playlist and live music, Prichard said the show will be “all the best bits of Strictly and much more.”

Speaking to The Gazette, Prichard said: “As well as having all the best parts of Strictly in the show, we are also embodying the more contemporary style of dance which we are starting to see blend with the traditional.

“It gives me the chance to showcase all forms of dance.”

He added: “This is a dance around the world, showing how all the different styles are linked with cities and with a certain type of music.”

Having started dancing from the age of 12, Prichard has represented Britain in various competitions around the world, winning the National Youth Latin Championship in three consecutive years and also being crowned British Open Youth Latin Champion and the European Youth Latin Champion.

It is this experience competing around the world that the 24-year-old believes put him in good stead for the celebrity status he would gain from appearing on the BBC hit show.

“Coming from a competitive world where people have always known about me, it wasn’t a huge shock stepping into Strictly,” Prichard said.

“Even though it was a smaller circuit, I still had people coming up to me and asking for photos and asking me questions.

“Obviously now it is on a bit more of a global scale and there is a lot more media attention, but as strange as it sounds to say out loud, it’s kind of normal.”

Having now appeared on the BBC dance show for three years, being partnered with gymnast Claudia Fragapane, singer Mollie King and most recently Paralympic athlete Lauren Steadman, Prichard has become a familiar face on the show.

But what makes it so exciting for him, is to see people’s progression throughout the show.

He added: “I think everyone is always shocked at how much work is in it, after week one and two its like “oh”.

“But once it starts, everyone always rises to the occasion. And because they know people love the show and they want it to be good, they don’t want to slack.”

Get on the Floor! will be performed at the Anvil on March 10.

For more information and tickets visit anvilarts.org.uk/whats-on/get-on-the-floor.