CRANBOURNE Year 10s were invited to Basingstoke College of Technology to take part in an event called A Recipe for Success, which was organised by AWE graduates.

The leaders at the event, which had a Great British Bake-Off feel to it, first taught the students some budgeting basics and planning skills.

They decided what was important in their time management of the task and then came up with roles to assign to team members.

In the afternoon, once all their groundwork was done, they went in to the training kitchens and were challenged to follow their plans making either a lemon meringue pie or a fruit tart.

Cranbourne had two teams entered in the challenge.

Neither team had made either of these recipes before.

They were outstanding, and were commended for their organisation and calm attitude.

It was really wonderful that the Cranbourne teams were awarded first and second place for their management of the task and the final products, which were delicious.

Well done to Manraj, Jaymee, Ethan, Chris, Zoe and Kirsty.