AT EVEREST we have many talented and passionate students, but one in particular has decided to find a voice for children, not just at Everest but for Basingstoke as a whole.

Katie Allabush, who is a Year 9 student and part of our E.P.I.C. team, has decided to help students be heard by running for the Youth Parliament.

The Youth Parliament is an organisation that helps young people channel energy and passionate ideas into making their mark and helping others.

When Katie found out about The Youth Parliament from Basingstoke MP, Maria Miller, and with a little encouragement, she decided to stand for election.

Voting closes on February 15 and polling takes place in schools and colleges.

Being part of Youth Parliament will give Katie a chance to make social change and talk about the big issues in the United Kingdom. She feels one important issue is more support for the emergency services.  

At the end of my interview with her I asked ‘why students should vote for her’. Katie said she wants younger people to be able to express their ideas and make a worthwhile difference.

Everyone at Everest wishes her lots of luck in the election.

By Bethany Fletcher