RECENTLY, Mr Rosser took some Year 9 Everest students to the Apollo Hotel for Get Inspired.

The goal was to help students decide what they want to do when they are older and what career path to take.

Several companies were there to show the students what they did and what could be involved in working for them. Companies involved were AWE, VIVID, the RAF, WCP Horse Stables and many more, including IT firms.

Companies had a stall where they would put freebies, leaflets, several practical activities, and even VR.

Local colleges attended advising students on what college they should go depending on what career they want to take.

The main goal of the event was to give students an insight into what they want to do when they leave school and inspire them to work harder while they are at school and students have already decided what path they maybe want to take with one Everest student now wanting to be a carpenter.

Overall it was a great event to go to if you are looking at what career path to go down.

By Pyran Watson