BASINGSTOKE and Deane Borough Council has proposed a new strategy to ensure the long-term sustainable prosperity of the borough.

Residents are being asked to give their opinion on the draft economic growth strategy, which is currently out for consultation.

The strategy has been prepared by the borough council after working with partners, businesses and residents.

It focuses on enabling the right conditions for business growth and sets out key areas and priorities to help achieve long-term sustainable economic prosperity for the borough.

Leader of the borough council, Councillor Clive Sanders, said: “We will focus on growing our talent, fostering entrepreneurship and supporting our key sectors while continuing to improve our business environment to ensure economic growth for existing and future generations.”

The proposed strategy builds upon and complements existing activity and other strategies rolled out by the borough council including in the areas of housing and culture, and the Local Plan.

Cllr Sanders added: “Our borough already has some of the key foundations for economic success but we cannot stand still and need to be able to respond to challenges that, if ignored, could impact the borough’s economic growth.

“This collaborative approach will ensure all partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors can work together to make sure that the borough’s economy remains resilient for years to come.”

The consultation will run until Monday, 18 February. Once the consolation period is complete and if the strategy is adopted, it will be used to steer the economic development services delivered by the council and its partners.

For more information about the draft economic growth strategy and to share thoughts, go to