A FAMILY in Cliddesden went the extra mile to help out people in the area.

After getting back from work on Friday at 8pm, Helaina Kent joined her brother Edward and father Derek in turning right around and getting straight back out the door to help the motorists on Cliddesden Road.

Helaina said: “Other people had helped my brother get home, so we decided to go and help out to pass the favour on. The road was like a sheet of ice, and we helped to push traffic through.

“We were all laughing and joking and having fun as well as helping people. Loads of people came out to help others, we all came together as a community, there really hasn’t been anything like it.”

As a total, the family joined a group of around 10 people to clear approximately 50 cars from the conditions.

Helaina added: “It was heartwarming to see the community come together to support each other.

“People we've never met reached out and we all helped each other. I was talking to a young girl who had driven from Southampton and she knew no one around here, myself and another offered her a place to stay but we managed to get her going again after a push.”

The family were at it for a total of three hours, from 9pm until midnight, when they returned home for something to eat and to go to bed.