AN ELDERLY couple from Overton want to thank their ‘guardian angels’ after three men helped them in their hour of need.

While driving in Churchill Way East, Olive Standivan, 71, and her husband David, 70, found themselves unable to move and were stuck in their car for nearly nine hours from 2.30pm.

The pair began to walk to try to find some shelter nearby, when three men approached the couple, offering them assistance.

After tying the Standivan’s car to their own, they towed the couple to the Holiday Inn, to find that it was full. The men then took them to the Premier Inn, which also had no space.

After that, they insisted on taking the pair back to Overton, where they live.

Olive said: “When we tried to walk, they said ‘no’ and said that they would help us get back in their car. Both the hotels were packed and so we told them we’d find somewhere but they insisted on taking us home.

“The roads to Overton were quite dangerous, and the fact that they were prepared to take that risk for us, they deserve a Pride of Britain Award, it was marvellous.

“They really were our guardian angels, and we had our faith in humanity restored that night. They were lovely and we couldn’t have made the journey without them. I don’t know what we would have done if they weren’t there.”