A GROUP of friends took to the Brighton Hill roundabout to make sure that cars and lorries could get through.

Jack Crossley, along with friends Jordan Bright, Thom Smith, Eddie Hunter, Steven Shortland, Ellis Wade and Charlotte Hill, with several others, saw that people were struggling in the snow on Friday evening.

They leapt into action, and proceeded to spend four hours helping vehicles to cross the treacherous roundabout, from 9.30pm all the way to the small hours of 1.30am the next day.

Jack said: “There was a group of about 10 of us who went to help out the people who were there getting stuck. There were lots of vehicles just trying to get across the roundabout and we thought we would help out.

“There was a continuous flow of people and cars, but we managed it.”

The group, bearing several powerful cars, including Land Rover Defenders, managed to pull many cars across the way, including nine lorries.

Jack added: “We had a good amount of cars come through, and there were around 25 people helping out in the end, including about ten I knew.

“We were pretty worn out by the end.”