ONE WOMAN’S journey back from work ended up taking a lot longer than usual, but was helped along by a friend of her husbands.

Gemma Tempest left Sutton Scotney at 3pm on Friday, where she works for the charity Naomi House and Jacksplace as a volunteer account manager, when she got stuck on the way back.

As Gemma was passing Basingstoke Crematorium, she found that the going started to get a lot tougher.

Gemma said: “It just got whiter and whiter, it was like a snow bomb had gone off, I have never seen anything like it.”

After the snowfall, she sat with fellow commuters in unmoving traffic for about an hour before deciding to walk to somewhere for shelter.

After that, Gemma called her husband David to let him know what was going on and that she was going to walk to nearby Sainsbury’s in Kempshott.

While she made her way over there, David called on his friend Wayne and his 4x4 to make their way over from Overton.

After a fashion, the pair made it to the supermarket to help get Gemma home at 7pm.

She added: “The pair were making their way over, but they were also helping people who were stuck in the snow on the way over.

“Even though I was kicked out of the shop at 7pm when they closed, my phone had low battery so I had to wait there.

“There was some great morale going on as people were helping one another. Some very kind person even offered me a room for the night, and everyone helped each other out. Well done to everybody.

“Even at work, people were just carrying on, and some staff made other arrangements to make sure that they were available the next day. Everyone did a sterling job.”