A DRIVER delivering meals in Herriard was helped by a Good Samaritan after their van couldn’t quite make it up a hill.

Paula Upton, from Chineham, was driving home after making her final delivery as a driver for Apetito, which helps as a part of Meals on Wheels to deliver food to the houses of people who need it.

However, when Paula was driving up the A339 Alton Road Hill, she found that she was unable to get over the top of the hill.

Paula said: “I had just finished for the day, and while we couldn’t get to everybody, we did what we could in the circumstances.

“I had just pulled up after getting there, and started struggling to get up the hill. There was a lot of traffic around, and other people getting stuck, but there was a man called Wayne there with a big car who asked if I wanted a hand, and I said yes.”

The man offered to tow Paula’s van up to the top of the hill, which he then did.

She added: “It was really unexpected, but appreciated all the same. Thanks to him we could keep moving. Some of the cars were stuck and others were moving, and he was helping lots of people.”

After that, the journey back wasn’t quite complete for Paula, as she then spent the next four hours on the M3 getting home.