STRANGERS in Old Basing banded together to help cars on a key route.

Sophie Barnes was one of a number of people near to the A30 at Hatch and Old Basing when the snow hit last Friday.

Having spotted that there were a number of vehicles that were struggling near to where she lives, she went out to help some of the stuck vehicles.

Sophie said: “I’d just got back from an appointment, and I live just around the corner from the A30, and on the way back, I saw a lot of cars getting stuck.

“I joined a group of four people who were helping to push cars up the road.”

Upon joining the group, she discovered that several of them worked at the nearby The Hatch pub, which had let them out to help with the traffic situation.

Sophie added: “We managed to help through around 15-20 cars, and it was all good fun. The community spirit was really on show as we helped people along the road.”