AN EXPERIENCE of the other side of the Atlantic has inspired a Basingstoke rapper to re-focus and chase his dream.

Dam Amps, better known by his stage name Signal, recently took a trip out to San Diego to record a new track.

For the Popley rapper, the experience was an eye-opening and inspiring one, which has now led the 27-year-old to think about what the next step in his musical career is.

So how did the whole California adventure come about for the man from Basingstoke?

“I have family out there,” Amps told The Gazette.

“So we had planned to take a trip out there anyway, but as soon as things were arranged I wanted to book some studio time.

“I got my producer to write me a beat to take over there, and along with the new song I did an open mic night while I was there.

“I can safely say that it was the best experience of my life.”

As well as being an inspirational trip for the rapper, the venture to the city on the Pacific coast, also gave him the opportunity to reconnect with a more familiar sound.

Following the release of his EP White Boys With Culture, for the new track recorded in the States, Amps has returned to the house music sound of previous releases.

It is this exploration of sound which has revitalised the songwriter and led him to make the decision of potentially moving to San Diego.

He added: “Towards the end of last year I noticed that the house sound in my music is what was going down really well with crowds in the club scene.

“I thought I need to get back into what I am best at so that is my focus for this year.

“Just being in San Diego the house scene is quite big out there. And that experience has meant that I have gone into this new year so inspired and so assured of what I want to do.”

Amps added: “The experience has made me think about moving out there. Even if I have to hustle for 10 years to chase my dream, it will be a better quality of life and I will be doing what I love.”

After falling back in love with house music, Amps said his year ahead is all about being strategic with his music and timing.

With single My Way, Amps believes this could be his next big track, but is waiting for the right time to release it.

“Initially I wanted to release it straight away and get it into the world,” added the rapper.

“But it has a real summer feel so I am thinking about maybe in the run up to the summer, as I am hopeful that this will be a big song for me.”

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