THE zeal of a music fan has led to a new music society being set up.

After being a fan of live music for many years, Hook’s newest parish councillor Verd Nabbs has set up a club to help musicians and entertainers reach an audience in the area.

Following a questionnaire sent out by Hook Parish Council towards the 2018, Cllr Nabbs and many residents suggested a music offering.

After becoming a parish councillor, the gig fan set about making the music happen, creating the Echo Hotel Music Club, and has successfully booked several shows and other events for Elizabeth Hall.

Cllr Nabbs, 67, said: “I’m a big fan of live music, and I’ve been going to two or three gigs a week for a while now.

“This is a chance for local talent to get to a wider audience.This is where a lot of people get their start.”

“I saw Rag ‘n’ Bone Man around five years ago in a pub for £5, so there are lots of hard-working musicians who make their breakthrough locally.”

Under the umbrella of Hook Live!, music is one of the offerings of the scheme, which looks to include other entertainment, including comedy and dance.

The retired IT services salesman added: “I’ve got no particular background in this area, but the reception has been great. I’ve been pinching myself when people that I’ve paid to see in the past are calling me up to organise to play, and sometimes I get a bit starstruck.

“We’ve got a professional sound system, so it will sound great, and the hall will be made to feel like a music venue, with merch and a bar available.”

The first music gig for the Echo Hotel Music Club is The Rufus Black Band, supported by Jade Like The Stone, which is taking place on February 16 at 7pm at Elizabeth Hall, in Raven Road, with more organised for later in the year.

Tickets are £15 in advance.

For information on upcoming events, visit the club’s Facebook page, by searching for‘Echo Hotel Music Club’.