AS THE technology develops, Brighton Hill Community School faculties have found websites or apps to help students get the most out of learning.

For example; the modern foreign languages faculty (MFL) has introduced a Memrise room which has tablets and an advanced whiteboard which are used to engage us in learning and memorising vocabulary. Most classes also use it to help during grammar lessons.

We have also been shown a website call Quizlet which also adds to the fun of learning as there are games and competitions like Quizlet Live which add a small amount of pressure to help us study.

Another example would be the core subjects and geography and history departments; they have an app or website to a PixL learning tool which is designed to change depending on your level and attempts at the practice question. Tutors also have an app like this for their tutees to develop skills like leadership, organistaion, resilience, initiative and communication.

This can be very helpful in later life for students, as employers would look for these qualities to see that they are the best for the job.​

Eliza Eng