NINE months ago, I moved to Brighton Hill Community School (BHCS) and I’ve already experienced many positive changes.

I owe all of these to all the amazing teachers throughout the school.

As you may have heard from my fellow correspondent, our school introduced well-being ambassadors at the beginning of our school term and I believe this is truly highlighting the important message our school is trying to portray about mental health and the importance of speaking out about it and not feeling alone.

Alongside our wellbeing ambassadors, BHCS introduced multiple student-led ambassador teams such as the ABA (Anti-bullying ambassadors).

Due to the work of Mr Edwards (headteacher) and our amazing teachers at BHCS, there has been a 200 per cent intake increase mainly with the new Year 7 students.

The students are now highly encouraged to get involved and create unique charity fund work ideas and feel as if they are supported no matter the situation and our ideas are always taken seriously and considered fully.

We now feel that we are part of a team; working together to create a more positive learning atmosphere.

Ever since Mr Edwards joined two years ago I personally have noticed people being proud to show off their bright yellow uniform and I for one am proud to be a part of the #yellowarmy.

Anna Hayden

PE ambassador