A PLAN for a new hotel and homes in Tadley has been thrown out by councillors.

The application, put forward by Bishopswood Golf Course, was to construct a 21-bedroom hotel on the Bishopswood Lane site.

The development of the hotel would be supplemented by building 18 new homes on the site, none of which met Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s 40 per cent affordable homes threshold.

At a development control committee meeting on January 9, councillors were recommended to refuse the application by borough council officers.

However, at the meeting, general manager of Bishopswood Golf Course, Kevin Pickett, said the need for the hotel was vital for sustaining the business’ community offer.

Mr Pickett said: “We have also been a community facility which is open to the public.

“We need other revenue streams to support the business. To have the hotel this would allow us to expand the wedding side of business, encouraging people to stay overnight.

“By having the hotel, it will enable us to employ local staff there for adding to the local economy.”

Councillors did agree the benefits that the golf course offered to the wider Tadley community were something to be supported.

However, the lack of affordable homes put forward and the impact it would have on the rural setting was a sticking point for many councillors on the committee.

Tadley Central ward councillor Johnathan Richards, said: “Bishopswood provides an excellent social and leisure facility for Tadley, and I hope this will continue and provide an enhanced offer.

“The construction of the houses, however, is not acceptable and this is why I must object to this plan.

“In Tadley, we need more houses and a number of these must be affordable and this does not meet this.”

This view was echoed by Baughurst and Tadley North councillor Michael Bound, who added: “The golf course, as far as the community is concerned, is a huge benefit and as a ward councillor bordering the ward, I would love to see it prosper.

“But my issue, like Cllr Richards, if you are building a hotel you get a backer and you pay that back.

“Here they seem to want to cover everything by building 18 new houses, none of which are affordable homes.”

Councillors refused the application.