THE House of Commons began debating this week various Brexit bills with the 'meaningful vote' on the deal prime minster Theresa May has negotiated on the UK's exit from the European Union.

This week, the Gazette has asked the region's MPs how they are going to vote on the deal.

Maria Miller, MP for Basingstoke

When asked by the Gazette whether she intended to vote in favour the Mrs May's deal, Mrs Miller said: "The referendum result instructed Parliament to put the necessary process in place to leave the European Union.

"The vote next week on the Withdrawal Agreement is another important step to make that happen.

"The agreement the prime minister has negotiated is important because it sets out our relationship with the EU in the future and will help safeguard jobs by giving business more certainty.

"What people in Basingstoke tell me is, regardless of whether they voted Leave or Remain, they want that certainty so that the government can move on to focus on building a strong future for our country.”

Kit Malthouse, North West Hampshire MP

Mr Malthouse said while he respects colleagues who will not be voting the same way, he believes the Withdrawal Agreement and associated Political Declaration is the “best available path” to achieve Brexit and maintain good relations with neighbouring countries “at the lowest possible cost to our economy”.

He told the Gazette's sister paper the Andover Advertiser: “As many of you will know I voted to leave the EU. No-one campaigned harder in North West Hampshire than me: knocking on doors, delivering leaflets and holding public meetings.

“It was an exciting and energising struggle for a cause I had championed over two decades.

“Two years later, after a difficult negotiation and a poor general election result, you will understand why I am unwilling to gamble with Brexit and run the risk of it being annulled or defeated. I am therefore hopeful the prime minister will be successful in her current discussions with the EU and that we will all be voting to support her in the new year by agreeing the Withdrawal Agreement she has negotiated.

“MPs will have to decide in January if the balance struck by this compromise is an acceptable way forward and after careful consideration I have decided to support the government in that vote.”

Ranil Jayawardena, North East Hampshire MP

“This is a pivotal time for the United Kingdom. It is important to deliver on the democratic decision of the people and it is important to get the right deal for our country. I will be speaking against this ‘deal’ and cannot support it in the upcoming vote.

“Some people say they want politicians with principles—but then quickly change their mind if their MP happens not to agree with them. I believe it is important for every member to act in good conscience—and that is what I intend to do.

“This ‘deal’ holds us back from reaping the benefits of Brexit, while relinquishing any benefits of the EU. It is not the right deal for Britain.

“I do want to secure a deal with the EU. I continue to believe a deal is possible—whether before March 29 or after—and will do what I can to make it happen. But this is not that deal.”