COMMUNITY groups in Tadley are being urged to apply for funding grants to improve services in the area.

Tadley Town Council has set aside £10,000 to allocate to community groups offering services to residents.

As part of the town council’s You Decide scheme, residents will be able to choose which project they would like to see in the town and which group is granted the money.

Residents who run not-for-profit services which benefit the Tadley area can apply for up to £2,000 to improve the services which they offer.

The purpose of this grant scheme is designed to enable voluntary and community organisations of any kind to help improve their local environment, to support local groups or strengthen their community.

Groups or organisations which are eligible for the grants will be invited to a Decision Day event held at the Ambrose Allen Centre, in Franklin Avenue, on April 6, where they will have the opportunity to showcase what the money would be put towards.

Tadley residents would then vote on their favourite projects and the ones that they believe would benefit the community the most.

Groups will have display stands at the Decision Day and members of the public will be able to ask questions about their proposals.

The grants will be allocated on the basis of the project with the highest number of votes securing the amount it has requested with the second, third, fourth and fifth highest also securing their funding requested.

All applications for grants, which can range from £200 to £2,000, must be submitted by February 22.

The form can be downloaded by visiting Alternatively, a copy can be requested via email from or by calling 01189 813360.