THE Basingstoke Loddon Rotary Club has set a target to attract new members for the forthcoming year.

The Basingstoke Loddon Rotary Club is one of the many branches of Rotary which was formed in 1927.

They come together to provide service to others, through raising funds for local and international causes and through supporting local events.

The club holds social events, organise voluntary projects for the community and charities, and listen to a varied programme of speakers about recent relevant events.

The volunteering positions would be suitable for anyone who would see themselves as project leaders, fun and sociable, wanting to make a difference to their local communities and are over the age of 18.

Run by a team of dedicated members, the Rotary Club offers memberships for people who wish to have a year-long taster session or for people who wish to dedicate on a long-term basis.

There is also a family membership option and a corporate choice where an organisation such as a charity, social enterprise, company, school or college joins Rotary and an agreement is made as to how they will engage in community activities.

With additional members always joining, the Basingstoke Loddon Rotary Club always offer ways of new opportunities, a chance to develop and learn new skills while meeting new people.

To find out more information about the Basingstoke Loddon Rotary Club, follow on Facebook and Twitter via @RotaryBstoke.

Alternatively, to sign up for a Rotary membership go to