BASINGSTOKE hospital's first baby of 2019 made an early appearance.

Andover-based new parents Leanne Wilson and James Burland welcomed Harrison Charles Burland into the world at 3.17am on the first day of the New Year.

Harrison made a fashionably late entrance, as he was due on Christmas Eve of 2018, just over a week before he was born.

After a marathon period of labour which lasted 49 hours, they were expecting a large baby, but Harrison was born healthy and wide awake via emergency c-section at 7lb 5oz.

First-time father James said: “We are still getting used to having a baby in the house, it’s all about getting as much sleep as we can, usually by taking it in turns.

“Everything’s a first for him, given that he was born on the first of the first. We’re really looking forward for what’s to come next for us and him.

“I’ll be back to work next week hopefully, but Leanne will be off for a while.”

There was an interesting twist to the story as Leanne recognised one of the medical assistants aiding the birth.

Leanne, who works in the emergency department at Basingstoke hospital, recognised one of the assistant nurses as someone that she had previously trained with.

Leanne said: "All of the staff I came into contact with were amazing and being in the profession myself I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest of patients as I was trying to self-manage apparently.

"I can’t thank all of the staff enough, especially the midwife who saw me through from arrival until birth.

"As a student I was mentored by the anaesthetic nurse that assisted during my theatre placement at Basingstoke hospital three years before.

"I regularly see her in the ED during emergencies. It was nice to have a familiar face and I think at that point being exposed was the last thing on my mind."

James added: “It was a bit strange to see someone that Leanne knew from a while back coming in to help clean her up when she was giving birth, but the staff really helped her.”