VILLAGERS are being warned to expect an increase in traffic and noise after diesel was found in sewers.

Thames Water is investigating reports of signs of diesel being found within the Bramley Sewage Pumping System.

The company cannot allow the diesel to make its way on to Sewage Treatment Works and so tankers are being used to remove the fuel.

Bramley Parish Council is warning of an increase in traffic and noise in the Silchester Road area of the village as a result.

The water company is still unsure how the substance was found within the sewage system, but added it does not affect its waste water service or drinking water for residents.

A letter sent to residents reads: “We know our tankers may be noisy and we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused due to an increase in traffic or noise.

“We are making every effort to minimise any disruption caused.”

For concerns or queries, contact 0800 3169800 quoting the reference BB972026