A PRIMARY School in Basingstoke said goodbye to two of its longest-serving governors at the start of the month.

St John’s Primary School, in Kingsmill Road, said farewell to both Donna Lincoln-Ohrstrand, and Allan Palmer, who have racked up more than 30 years of service at the school between them.

Donna served as a governor for 13 years, and was chair of governors for the last six years, and Allan first joined the governing body 14 years ago and was vice-chair.

The new chair of governors, Geoff Knappett, presented them with shortbread, wine and a personalised St John’s candle representing the body, blood and spirit of the school.

Headteacher Angela Nicholls said: “Donna and Allan have played an important part in shaping St John’s through their dedicated and loyal service.

“Governors play an important part in the life of the school although much of it unseen by parents and pupils.

“We will miss them, but they leave a strong governing body that will guide the school forward.”