QUIT4LIFE is the Hampshire NHS stop smoking service, offering specialist support for people who want to stop smoking.

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of death and illness in the UK and it is well known that cigarette smokers are at higher risk of developing a number of chronic health disorders, including several types of cancer and pulmonary (lung) disease.

Smoking also contributes to coronary artery disease, which in turn can cause heart attacks and stroke.

Passive smoking from tobacco can present significant harm to those around you, including other adults, children and pets.

Quit4Life run one-to-one appointment sessions throughout the week offer telephone support for those who are unable to attend appointments.

Advisors offer free, friendly support and advice, and discuss available medications, including nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) vaping starter kit or prescription requests via your GP for stop smoking medications such as Champix.

These can be supplied free of charge if you do not pay for your prescriptions, or for a one-off prescription charge if you do.

Your weekly contact with our specialist advisers will help to plan your quit date, learn to cope with managing cravings and provide essential support if you have questions or queries.

You’re four times more likely to quit with our help than on your own.

Smokers who quit save time and money.

The average smoker saves thousands of pounds per year when they stop and the benefits to your health begin straight away.

Giving up is not always easy, but if you smoke and want to reduce your risk of smoking-related illnesses, then giving up could be the single most important step you take. Quit4Life is here to help you.

For free, confidential advice on stopping smoking, or to book an appointment, call Quit4ife on 0845 602 4663.

For more information, go to quit4life.nhs.uk or on Facebook and Twitter search for @Quit4LifeNHS.