AN APPEAL for funds is being made by a Basingstoke school in a bid to stop a spree of vandalism.

Since the summer, Winklebury Infant and Junior Schools, in Willoughby Way, have fallen victim to attacks of vandalism.

Now, the school is appealing to businesses or generous donors to help fund a new security fence around the perimeter of the school.

Headteacher Sarah Mathlin told The Gazette: “On one side of the school there is a very low wall, which doesn’t act as much of a deterrent, which people are climbing over to gain access to the school grounds.

“Thankfully they haven’t got into the building itself, but there have been incidents where toilet cleaner has been thrown on the playground, paint chucked up walls.

“Most recently, we have a friendship bench which is bolted to the floor and that was completely destroyed, which really upset the children.”

Mrs Mathlin said the school has no money in its own budget to carry out the work and has been told by Hampshire County Council that there are no funds available for this type of work.

This is why the school is appealing to the wider community to help support the £9,000 project.

“We want to continue to make the children at the school feel safe,” added Mrs Mathlin.

“Our aim is to build a fence along the top of the wall to act as more of a deterrent to stop these people gaining access to the school.”

These views have been echoed by Winklebury ward councillor Ruth Cooper who is asking the community to help the school.

Cllr Cooper said: “It is such a shame that these vandals are targeting the school in this way.

“As part of the neighbourhood watch group I am aware of the incidents that have been ongoing for quite some time.

“The school does have CCTV but it is very limited, and whoever is carrying out these attacks knows the cameras limits, so they keep getting away with it.

“We need to support the school and help put up more of a deterrent.”

The school has applied for grants to help with the work, but said any businesses willing to sponsor or donate to the work would be welcomed.

Those interested in supporting the school or to help with constructing the fence should contact the school by calling 01256 323244 or email on