A MEDAL belonging to an old group known as the Magicians of Basingstoke has been discovered in a Yorkshire charity shop.

Irene Murphy discovered the medal when she was out shopping in Cleckheaton, and it now looking for any family members of previous presidents.

On the ribbon of the medal are gold clips all engraved with the names of previous president of the Magicians of Basingstoke group.

From Ron Wilson 1976-1989 to the last president of the group Cavan Patterson 2008-2009.

Mrs Murphy said: “I thought to myself there has to be a family member of one of these presidents who would be interested in having this medal.

“I did a search on social media but couldn’t find anyone, so I am hoping someone comes forward.”

If anyone knows any descendants of group contact newsdesk@basingstokegazette.co.uk and we will put you in touch with Mrs Murphy.