YEARS of budget cuts have made austerity the new reality in the UK and we can all see the pain it’s causing.

To close the funding-gap, money for good causes has to go further and work harder.

There’s no time for slow evolution – only a revolutionary approach will drive the much-needed strategic change and proactive transformation of charitable funding.

Digital technology that brings multiple grants, donations and fundraising activities together and instantly matches the grant makers and donors that have money to give, with the charities and community groups that need money is where it starts.

The Good Exchange’s social software revolutionises the way this happens – driving change in the charitable sector in the same way that organisations such as Spotify and GoCompare transformed the music and insurance industries, bringing about a better and more inclusive society for everyone.

Its automated matching system with a simple, single on-line application form enables funders, charitable projects, individual donors and fundraisers to work together strategically and collaboratively.

Anyone interested in a particular cause or charitable category can see the complete fundraising picture – who is donating, fundraising and granting funds to each relevant charitable project and can join together through the platform to have a measurable impact on social problems and build cohesive community engagement.

The Good Exchange is a not-for-profit organisation, wholly owned by a registered charity, The Greenham Trust.

The Good Exchange does not aim to make profits and does not have to give dividends to shareholders – we’re only interested in helping good causes and funding organisations and individuals to come together for the good of the industry (hence the name – The Good Exchange).

Do you have a community project which could benefit from The Good Exchange?

Find out more at or contact BVA at for advice on how to set up your project page.