IT WAS a day to remember for former and some current midwives and healthcare assistants on Saturday, 24 November.

Former midwives and members of the maternity ward in Basingstoke hospital met up for a session of reminiscing and catching up at the Sandford Spring Golf Club.

The event, organised by midwife and midwifery sister of 25 years at Basingstoke hospital Kim Fleming, was attended by 71 former and current members of staff for the very first time. Some of the former members of staff travelled from as far away as Nottinghamshire and Warwickshire.

Kim said: “It was fantastic, we had 71 people in total turn up, and it was amazing, I was really pleased with the outcome.

“It’s the first time that we have run this event, and the first time in this format. It was surprising to see so many in this way, some of the older guests were in their eighties. We were all either midwives or healthcare assistants in the Basingstoke hospital maternity ward, from the time when the role was introduced in the early 70s.”

While they were there, the former colleagues indulged in a lunch, and had the opportunity to swap stories and check in with friends and colleagues that they hadn’t seen for years. After being a midwife, some of the members of the group have retired, whereas others have moved on to other jobs in the medical trade.

Some of the stories that the group reminisced in included babies being born in the car park outside the hospital, and others who arrived in the car before getting there.

Kim added: “It was great to see everyone and hear some wonderful memories, as well as catch up and hear from people and to see them all fit and well. Sandford Springs did a marvellous job with the room for us.

“What is interesting to think is that many of the babies born in the Basingstoke hospital maternity ward between 1971 and 2010, which must be thousands, were almost certainly delivered by someone who was in the room. While many of us stopped counting years ago, we all have delivered hundreds of babies.

“It really was a terrific reunion.”