A COMPANY which has seen extraordinary growth has won the Small Business of the Year Award.

Farnborough-based independent pharmaceutical wholesaler Pharmahouse was given the award after judges noted the company grow from just an idea into an £8million organisation.

Managing director of Pharmahouse Chris Scott said: “It’s an absolutely amazing feeling to win.

“I started the company after I became fed up with my former employer and decided that I wanted to make a break of my own.

“Four years ago, the company started with just me, and now it has grown hugely in both revenue and head count, with 10 employees.”

The company buys and sells pharmaceutical products, which include those known to be in short supply in the market, and are fully licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and the Home Office.

Chris added: “This is one of the more highly-regulated industries, and it has always helped that my philosophy is doing good is good business, and that has helped us to grow.

“It is a special place to work and a really good company. If we are going to have the chance to make the business better and make it a more special place to work, then I am going to take that chance.”

The next projects on the horizon for Pharmahouse include two joint overseas ventures, one in the USA and the other in Dubai.

Small Business of the Year Award, sponsored by The Breeze.

Winner: Pharmahouse

Nominees: Festival Street Kitchen, Webkick