A COMPANY providing temporary insurance was named Employer of the Year.

Tempcover, based in Fleet, was given the award for its management style and new facilities to encourage departments to co-operate more.

Chief operating officer Nikki Carr said: “We were absolutely blown away to win the award. We try to do all we can for our employees so that they can enjoy themselves and feel part of the family, and by winning this, it feels like we have achieved that.

“We won this award because of our employees, and we try to keep them at the heart of the business, and we needed their help to do it, so it this thanks to them we have won.”

One of the reasons why the company won the award was the recent introduction of a new break-out area, where employees from every department can relax or work. While the area includes both a pool table and an arcade machine, productivity is up despite the potential distractions.

Nikki added: “Productivity has improved since we’ve made the break-out area. We see meetings take place over games of pool, and this has really helped improve staff productivity.

“We’ve also seen departments that never really talked to each other that much meet in the area, and from there, the departments actually have a much stronger relationship, which has improved the mood massively.”

Employer of the Year, sponsored by The HR Dept.

Winner: Tempcover

Nominees: Hawk-Eye, Jargon PR